Death’s Dark Wings 
(Telos, 2013)

Absinthe and Arsenic 
(Short Story Collection, Telos, 2012)

The Cyrus Darian Chronicles:
Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron
(Endaxi, 2010) (Telos, TBA)
Cyrus Darian and the Ghastly Horde
(Endaxi, 2012) (Telos, TBA)

The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire 
(Endaxi, 2008)

The Legacy of the Dark Kind Series:
Blood Tears

(DA, 2006) (Endaxi, 2009)
Blood Lament
(DA, 2007) (Endaxi, 2009)
Blood Alliance
(DA, 2008) (Endaxi, 2009)

Short Stories

The White Room
Chromatics, (Dean M Drinkel   2016)

The Thirteen Signs, (Nocturnicom Books  2016)

Chalk Face
Tales From The Lake Vol 2, (Crystal Lake Publishing 2016)

Constance Craving
Fright Mare – Women Write Horror (DM Publishing 2016)

The Way of All Flesh
Tales of the Female Perspective  ( Chinbeard Books 2015)

The Grimorium Verum (Western Legend Publishing 2015)

Phobophobias (Western Legend Publishing 2014)

Under The Bridge
The Demonologia Biblica (Western Legend Publishing 2013)

Shadow of The Wolf
The Bestiarum Vocabulum (Western Legend Publishing 2013)

A Taste of Almonds
The 13 Ghosts of Christmas  (Spectral Press 2012)

Silver Arrow
New Sun Rising (Raging Aardvark Publishing  2012)

The Attic Nursery
The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts 2012  (Fantom Publishing 2012)

Not So Dark Horizons
Full Fathom 40    (BFS Publishing 2011)

La Coste Lotte
Summer Shorts ( Endaxi Press 2010)