Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron

Hired by a wealthy American, Cyrus Darian sets off on his first misadventure to find the mysterious and powerful Technomicron.

With his colleagues and friends – adventure-seeking inventor Sir Miles Hardwick, and a demon trapped in human form – Darian must traverse the poisonous London fog to expose the conspiracy behind the London Turbines.

What mysteries will Darian unearth in his determined search, and how many women will his philandering ways take advantage of …?

Welcome to the Misadventures of Cyrus Darian: alchemist, hedonist, philanderer and anti-hero.

‘A very good book in the steampunk genre’ – Wired
‘You will surely be missing a Steampunk gem if you ignore this book!’ – Theresa Derwin

Winner of the Victorian Steampunk Society Award for Best Novel