Women In Horror Month, February 2017

by | Feb 1, 2017

As always, mixed feelings about February’s Women in Horror Month. I have shied away in the past from openly promoting it from pure cowardice. I have been shot down in flames in the past for daring to raise my head above the genre parapet and it hurt, every time. Apparently I do not ‘know my place in the pecking order’ and  ‘should do the world a favour and give up writing.’

In truth, we shouldn’t need it, not in 2017. Good writing is good writing regardless of what we have tucked in our scanties.  But…yes, there is a but….

There are still dinosaur editors only commissioning male authors for anthologies, readers refusing to accept women can write bloody good horror and good, bloody horror. There are cynical critics like the one announcing on Facebook ‘that only crap women writers support WiHM’ and getting approval and ‘likes’ from her male pals. And I still feel nervous about speaking about this openly…for that alone I have to support WiHM.

I’ve earned my spurs with a body of work I can be proud of. No more shrinking violet. This old bird is not going to be silenced anymore.

Thank you again to the awesome Billie Sue Mosiman, for including one of my stories in her anthology Frightmare, Women Write Horror, on the HWA awards long list… So honoured and delighted to have work included amongst such wonderful writers.