The Thirteen Signs

The stars have always held a fascination. The yearly rotation of the constellations guides ceremonies, rites, symbols, prepares for the harvest and sows the fields. More than merely celestial bodies, they seem to have some uncanny relationship to the affairs of humanity.

The signs that designate the zodiac may portend good but every star sign has its dark side. An association seen both in popular culture and criminality. 

As the stars wheel through the seasons, we grow older. Some grow wiser, others stranger. Some choose to listen to the better angels of their nature. Others brood over the fires of anger, cruelty, revenge. In the end, though, the course of the stars, and our fate, is fixed. A grinning skull punches its way through the belly of the sundial. A skeletal hand points towards the ultimate destination: The grave. 

The stories in this anthology, expertly chosen and edited by Dean M. Drinkel, play weird and dissonant variations on the music of the spheres. They pluck the dark potential from each zodiacal sign, the better to wring delicious shivers from the reader. All the horrors have been fictionalized for your convenience and safety.