@Trumpocalypse anthology #resist

by | May 9, 2017

We deal with the craziness of our world how best we can….

As a Brit, coping with the  unfolding aftermath of Brexit, I thought there was nothing I could do about the nightmare  unfolding across the Atlantic ….the shock of the Trump election and horrors of his administration of selfish, cruel self-interested billionaires. And yes, it does affect me….and all citizens of the world. It is not just internal politics. The damage  to the environment that  he and his wealthy cronies will  wreak is the stuff of nightmares. The effects on the already vulnerable and increasingly fragile Arctic from the proposed drilling for oil with Russia alone is terrifying. What has he got against wildlife, especially endangered species, clean air and unpolluted water?  I do not know where to start on the horrors to be inflicted on human rights, welfare, education and health care on ordinary American citizens cursed not to be born trust fund babies, to be poor, old or sick.

So when I saw submissions wanted for a satirical , horror based anthology compiled and edited by Alex S Johnson and published by Horrified Press, I just had to write something. My short story Imperator, Flatus wrote itself, in a torrent of creative energy. A purge of all my anger, fear and disgust. I wear the inevitable slur of being a limey libtard snowflake with pride.  Each snowflake is unique, beautiful..many snowflakes make a blizzard, blizzards end up as avalanches….watch out Imperator Flatus,  Winter is Coming!